Dhamma-Pratheep Association (English Title: Thailand Buddhist Nichiren Shoshu Association, TBNSA), a religious center or an association for those who practice Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism, was founded by Dr. Pipop Tangkanasingha, on January 27th, 1971. Dhamma-Pratheep Association is 1 of the 6 Thai lay organizations under guidance from Overseas Bureau Nichiren Shoshu. Dhamma-Pratheep Association, Mahayana Buddhist, was founded more than 40 years in Thailand with the objective to propagate this Buddhism to help many people out of their suffering by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo to Gohonzon (Object of Worship) and practice Doctrines of Nichiren Shoshu. Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism is Mahayana Buddhism, which is like a great vehicle carrying many people to happiness by practice for oneself and for others according to guidance of the High Priest of the Head Temple Taisekiji.

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