Dhamma-Pratheep Association (English Title: Thailand Buddhist Nichiren Shoshu Association, TBNSA), a religious center or an association for those who practice Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism, was founded by Dr. Pipop Tangkanasingha, on January 27th, 1971. Dhamma-Pratheep Association is 1 of the 6 Thai lay organizations under guidance from Overseas Bureau Nichiren Shoshu. Dhamma-Pratheep Association, Mahayana Buddhist, was founded more than 40 years in Thailand with the objective to propagate this Buddhism to help many people out of their suffering by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo to Gohonzon (Object of Worship) and practice Doctrines of Nichiren Shoshu. Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism is Mahayana Buddhism, which is like a great vehicle carrying many people to happiness by practice for oneself and for others according to guidance of the High Priest of the Head Temple Taisekiji.


     In 1961, Dr. Pipop Tangkanasingha, a director of an accounting school, the first Thai who knew Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism by chance, heard chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo from his neighbor, Mr. Poore, a Taiwanese who often had friends chanting at his home on Sukhumvit Road soi 27. He was interested by this chanting and asked for details. He knew only this is a chanting of Mahayana Buddhism because Mr. Poore could not speak English fluently.

Later he took American people to see Dr. Pipop Tangkanasingha telling Nichiren Shoshu history. However, Dr. Pipop Tangkanasingha did not believe immediately. He searched more details from textbooks and asked more from Hinayana monks. But he was still not clear. Then he searched historical data at the National Library. There he found that Myoho Renge Kyo is chanting to honor Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin was the first person who chanted. He studied until he felt sure that this religion is reasonable, provable and applicable for daily life. He introduced this chanting to his friends. Many people who tried practicing received good fortunes and also solved problems in their lives. Until now, believers have been increasing more and more.

Founding Association

     After Dr. Pipop Tangkanasingha studied the teaching of Nichiren Daishonin, he propagated this Law by holding meeting in a small group. After that he tried to register for the association. To register an association was very difficult in those days if no high ranking officers certified. Then he asked for help from his close friends such as Dr. Sanya Thammasak, Mr. Sunthorn Hong-Lada-Rom, Mr. Pradit Leeverawong.

Finally, the association was founded on January 27th, 1971 at 51 Dinsor Road Bangkok. Mr. Prasit Phannarat was the first president. As the propagation began seriously and methodically, members had increased rapidly. The association was moved to Soi Pipat 2.

Afterwards, Mr. Yongyuth Suvat-panich provided new location for the association at Klong toei. During Dr. Vadhana Isara-Bhakdi was president, the association requested the Head Temple Taisekiji to sent priests to hold up Gojukai and Gohonzon bestowal ceremony. The first time of this ceremony was held on February 20th, 1994 at the Silom Plaza Hotel in Bangkok, with about 500 participants in attendance. As the number of members has been increasing steadily, the place was not enough. The committee led by Dr. Vadhana Isara-Bhakdi cooperated with members found a new location. Ultimately, a 5 storey building has been located at Phetkasem between Soi 20 and 22 until present.

List of President Date

1. Mr. Prasit Phannarat

27 Jan 1970

2. Mr. Taveesak Phadung-Yothi

13 Oct 1971

3. Mr. Atsanee Thana-Som

Nov 1977

4. Mr. Pan Sri-Noi

10 Aug 1981

5. Mr. Yongyuth Suvat-Panich

4 Mar 1985

6. Dr. Vadhana Isara-Bhakdi

14 Mar 1991

7. Mr. Pradit Leeverawong

21 Dec 1994

8. Mrs. Chongkonnee Ruangcharoen

11 Jul 2011

9. Mrs. Prapaporn Vanavich

23 Feb 2012 to present